Engelsholm Højskole – art, music and design

Most people are awe every time they drive down the road to Engelsholm Højskole and spot the castle’s onion-shaped spiers between the treetops – whether they visit us for the first time or they return.
If you are curious about life in general and the art in particular, take a semester at Denmark’s most beatiful and beautifully located Folk High School, Engelsholm.

Here you will find a totally unique creative environment for visual and sound oriented art students. We find that art is a good and inspiring frame for a boarding school community. At Engelsholm Højskole you can work with your imagination, experiment, melody or text, art and craftsmanship. You receive joint and individual teaching, as well as testing and gathering experience with materials, techniques and ideas.

The high school’s core DNA is both the creative subjects and a classical personal formation project.
Here you will find a strong community and a breeding ground for professional and personal development.

The workshops are well equipped with all kinds of tools, machines and musical instruments – and they are open 24 hours a day. The school’s teachers have extensive experience in the art world, as teachers and as active, performing artists.

Use your stay as a creative breathing hole or springboard to search further at art academies, design schools and music academies. Many of our teachers are concurrently associated with higher art and music education as teachers.

Engelsholm is a Folk High School based on Grundtvigs ideas of enlightenment, where tradition and history meet the present. The surroundings are unique and inspiring.

The framework for the high school is a baroque castle from 1593, situated in beautiful nature on an island in a lake surrounded with forest and fields, just 15 km west of Vejle in Denmark.

Engelsholm Højskole

Engelsholm is Denmark's most beautifully located folk high school and a unique place to work with ideas, experiments, a good melody, art and craftsmanship. The core DNA is working with creative subjects in art, music and design - and a classical education project. In Engelsholm you will find exeptional teaching, a strong community and a great basis for professional and personal development.

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