Facilities at Engelsholm

Living next to or in a castle is totally unique. We appreciate it – and you will too.

Here is your room:

You can either live in the castle, in Fæstalden or in Stuehuset. Each place has its individual charms and qualities.

ElevværelseThe castle is charming, all rooms are different and the view is excellent no matter where you live. If you are a light sleeper, you might find the castle with all its sounds too noisy.

Fæstalden is more updated in its interior. It has standard rooms (with noise reduction) and it’s situated next to the castle garden.

Finally we have Stuehuset – a charming old house for you, who want to have a silent room. It’s mostly one-bedded rooms and because there are so few rooms, there isn’t much “traffic” in the corridor.

The majority of the students prefer to live with a roomie in two-bedded rooms, but we offer single rooms in all three departments. There is an additional fee for single rooms.

Riddersalen (The Knights Hall)Riddersalen

The iconic hall with the golden wallpaper is where you will be welcomed, when you arrive at Engelsholm.

It is where all the ordinary weekdays begin with the morning assembly at 8.30. It is also where we have lectures, debates, concerts, assemblies, artist talks, show films and hold the official banquets.





Avisstuen (the newspaper room)

The place to meet in between the different activities – situated on the ground floor in the castle. Discussions, games and cozy activities fill the room every day.





Spisesalen (The dining rooms)

We eat in two connected rooms: the historic kitchen and the dining hall. All day long you can sit down here for a cup of coffee or tea – unless a meal is being served.

Slotskælderen (The castle basement)

Also an iconic room with vaults, a bar and lots of possible activities; a pool table, dart, table tennis, table soccer and a dedicated beer pong-table. There is an installation consisting of 30 tube televisions, that are connected in order to visually accompany live music performances, DJs or to be an artpiece in itself. The basement is also the place to go if you want to listen to (loud) music in the evenings and in the weekends when the bar opens…


We have a small but well-equipped gym, where you can do a proper full body workout. If you want to do circuit training you’ll have do it outside: swim in the lake, run in the forest or bicycle in the beautiful terrain surrounding the castle.



Tårnværelserne (the “tower rooms”)

These are rooms, that don’t have a workshop identity.

TårnværelseThey do look more like Hogwarts classrooms than our regular classrooms with their hidden chambers and stairways… ”The Red Ruby”, ”The Brides Room” and the “The Countess’ Chamber” they are called, and they still carry a lot of historical interior and decorations.

All of them are equipped with pianos, that are used by students – especially the ones, that are following the songwriting programme.



Engelsholm Højskole

Engelsholm is Denmark's most beautifully located folk high school and a unique place to work with ideas, experiments, a good melody, art and craftsmanship. The core DNA is working with creative subjects in art, music and design - and a classical education project. In Engelsholm you will find exeptional teaching, a strong community and a great basis for professional and personal development.

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