Fine Arts

Fine Arts at Engelsholm Folk High School is an arts workshop. We work in three well equipped studios: the painting hall, the screen printing studio and the graphics studio. Our aim is to strengthen your artistic expressions and form language.

The Fine Arts teaching consists of presentations with a starting point in art history, assignments, discussions and dialogue as well as personal counselling. Your challenge lies in opening up and breaking with traditional ways of thinking and acting within the world of fine arts. We do common work presentations, where we discuss the products and give constructive feedback.

We are going through many different techniques: chromotology, composition, painting techniques, drawing, screen printing a.m.o.

We often work in projects, utilizing many different techiques and ways of expression simultaneously. The teaching is based on your level and ambitions: do you want to prepare for Art Academy? Do you want to apply for juried exhibitions? Or do you want to develop a personal passion? The mix of students gives mutual inspiration and great group dynamics.

Friday Workshops

You have to choose between different workshops, which are on Friday mornings. The Friday Workshops allow you to explore an area that you encounter in your main subject during your stay, or an area within another main subject.

The Friday Workshops contain Drawing as a continuous subject. You can also choose other subjects. The other subjects are chosen for short periods of 2 or 3 weeks, and are characterized by working in depth with a single area within auditive or visual disciplines. Examples of workshops could be Music History, Mixing for Nerds, Artist Books or Croquis.

Apply for fall semester 2021

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August 18 th 2021

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January 12th 2022

Engelsholm Højskole

Engelsholm is Denmark's most beautifully located folk high school and a unique place to work with ideas, experiments, a good melody, art and craftsmanship. The core DNA is working with creative subjects in art, music and design - and a classical education project. In Engelsholm you will find exeptional teaching, a strong community and a great basis for professional and personal development.

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