Jewelry Design

Our everyday life is surrounded by design. Jewelry Design at Engelsholm Folk High School gives you the opportunity to work with jewellery as a modern artform. You will learn how to combine craftsmanship with aesthetic considerations, to help you in finding your personal artistic expression.

Jewelry Design lends room and space to idea generation, exploration of materials, experiments, mad ideas or going in depth with the craft, in an inspiring workshop placed in beautiful surroundings.

Good design is reflected in both materials, function and aesthetics. Beauty finds it expression in the balance between design and the personal expression.

This is what you will learn

Jewelry Design at Engelsholm Folk High School gives you the opportunity to create jewellery that tells a story. You will learn to combine the craft with your personal, artistic expression. You will be taught design; theory, analysis, and practice.

You will be working with the form language of jewelry and both traditional and alternative materials. Focus will be on your artistic and creative skills and at the same time, you will get a god feeling for craft and materials.

You will learn to was, solder, file, grind, polish, and cast in various ways, eg. in water and sand. You will also learn to cast in silver, gold or bronze.

The workshop

The Jewellery wokshop at Engelsholm Folk High School is a large and well equipped room. You will have your own personal workspace available 24-7, including all the necessary tools.

Group lessons are combined with personal guidance, after which you will be working on your own. Lessons are planned according to the experience and ambition of the student.


If you have question before signing up please contact us.

Friday Workshops

You have to choose between different workshops, which are on Friday mornings. The Friday Workshops allow you to explore an area that you encounter in your main subject during your stay, or an area within another main subject.

The Friday Workshops contain Drawing as a continuous subject. You can also choose other subjects. The other subjects are chosen for short periods of 2 or 3 weeks, and are characterized by working in depth with a single area within auditive or visual disciplines. Examples of workshops could be Music History, Mixing for Nerds, Artist Books or Croquis.

Apply for fall semester 2021

Start date:

August 18 th 2021

Apply for spring semester 2022

Start date:

January 12th 2022

Engelsholm Højskole

Engelsholm is Denmark's most beautifully located folk high school and a unique place to work with ideas, experiments, a good melody, art and craftsmanship. The core DNA is working with creative subjects in art, music and design - and a classical education project. In Engelsholm you will find exeptional teaching, a strong community and a great basis for professional and personal development.

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