How can we examine and express ourselves and our world with photography?? And can photography influence and maybe even change the world?

An ambitious photo school

Photography at Engelsholm Folk High School is a elementary school in photography. In class we deal with photography in its purest form and explore what photography is – such as language, technique and tradition – and how we can use it to examine and express ourselves.

Learn to master the photographic language

Photography is an imagery that, like literature and music, can have different forms and expressions. In class we experiment with the photographic language and with different photographic expressions; from delicate visual poems in book form to large spatial installations and explore how we – through choice of motif, method and design – can express what we have at heart.

School of photography with digital workshop and darkroom

The word photograph is composed of two words: Photo = light and graphic = write or draw. Photography means “to write or draw with light”. At Engelsholm Folk High School you will be introduced to many different ways of writing and drawing with light.

The subject has a digital workshop with computers, image editors (Adobe Lightroom and Adobe Photoshop), negative scanners, printers, cameras, racks and more. We also have an analogue darkroom where you can evoke black and white film and enlarge and print images from your negatives. In addition, the workshop has a photo studio with flash lights, reflector screens and backgrounds.

When you take your photography course, you have free access to the workshop and the equipment – day and night – so you can immerse yourself and experiment with the many techniques at hand.

Introduction to all genres and techniques in photography

The teaching is based on shorter courses of one to two weeks duration. Through the various courses you will be introduced to different genres and techniques – e.g. portrait and landscape photography, reportage photography, NGO photography, staged photography and snapshots – and thus get the opportunity to test and get acquainted with different forms of photography.

Common to the various courses is that they are built around tasks or exercises where you have to try and experiment on your own or in smaller groups. In class, with the guidance and support of your teachers, you will have plenty of time to work on your own photography.

To conclude the assignments, we spend a good amount of time reviewing, reflecting on and talking about the process and the photographs that the students presents to each other. This will give everyone a greater understanding of the many possibilities of photography, build a more nuanced language of photography and get closer to their own photographic voice.

Why choose photography at Engelsholm Folk High School?

The subject is aimed at anyone who wants to photograph. No special prerequisites or equipment is required, other than curiosity and courage. To photograph is to relate directly to oneself and one’s surroundings and whether you dream of becoming a photojournalist, art photographer or you just want to attend a Folk High School and learn more about photography before moving on to something completely different, relating to yourself and your surroundings is an important and formative exercise.

By working with photography and by relating your own and others’ photography, you will gain a stronger sense of yourself, your surroundings and your own position in the world. If you want to develop your personal, visual expression and sharpen your eyes on the world – and maybe even help influence and change it – Engelsholm is the obvious place to experiment with photography.


Friday Workshops

Friday mornings you have to choose between different workshops. The Friday Workshops allow you to explore side subjects that matches your main subject or one of the other main subjects.

The Friday Workshops contain Drawing as a continuous subject. You can also choose other subjects. The other subjects are chosen for short periods of 3 or 4 weeks, and are characterized by working in depth with a single area within auditive or visual disciplines. Examples of workshops could be Music History, Choir, Mixing for Nerds, Artist Books, Design, Folk Music band, code, or Croquis.

Gammel tekst:

Photography at Engelsholm Folk High School is for anyone who wants to work creatively and in depth with photography.

Photo is all about light, subject and composition, stories and moods captured in a single moment.
We will work with model shots, lighting, spontaneous and planned motives, studio and natural light. We work both in analog: pinhole, small format and medium format cameras and develop black and white in our own darkroom, and in digital DSLR (you have to bring one) where we edit our pictures in Photoshop and either print them on the school’s A2 photo printer or have them printed professionally.


Apply for fall semester 2021

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August 18 th 2021

Apply for spring semester 2022

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January 12th 2022

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