Songwriting at Engelsholm is a subject for you, if you have a serious ambition to express yourself artistically through words and music and want to immerse yourself in the process. If you are fascinated by the interaction between language and music, and if you love the game of finding good rimes and a good melody, a good hook and a good poetic language, this is for you.

As a beginner, we offer you safe surroundings to get a good start. As semiprofessional we challenge and inspire you to explore new areas.

We relate to the history of songwriting and to different traditions, genres and themes. We work individually, cooperate and perform in and outside the school.

Themes, tools and facilities

The main themes are presented in the semester plan. Throughout the semester we present our songs and drafts for one another either acoustically or recorded. It is normal for a songwriter to document his work through recordings. Programs used: Logic and Ableton Live, and also ProTools, Garage band. Other software is also a possibility.

As a student at Songwriting you can borrow a Martin D1 western guitar or a guitar of similar standard. You get free guitar strings while staying at the school due to a praiseworthy sponsorship by Akustikken,, the leading supplier of instruments for Danish songwriters.

Engelsholm offers a workshop with facilities for both recording and exploring creative aspects of music productions. Cooperation  with Electronic Music is an obvious possibility. Interdisciplinary projects with the visual subjects is another possibility.

The teachers

Bjarke Porsmose and Christian Hjelm are the main teachers in Songwriting. A broad selection of other professionals from the danish and international music scene regularly stop by to teach and perform, for example:

Mads Langer, Bisse, Gisli Gislason, Tobias Stenkjær (Universal), Marie Fisker, Christian Alvad, Perry Stenbäck, Søren Møller, Mads Mouritz, Lone Hørslev, Nikolaj Vonsild (When Saints Go Machine), Kasper Kaae (Cody), Cæcilie Trier (Choir of Young Believers), Peter H. Olesen (De Efterladte), MC Hansen, Kasper Vig, Roar Amundsen, Jonathan Byrd, Andreas Führer, Chris Barron (Spin Doctors). Besides we cooperate with songwriting students from conservatory songwriting classes and students from The Danish Authors Institute.


If you have question before signing in please contact us.


Friday Workshops

Apart from the teaching in Songwriting, you choose between different workshops, which are on Friday mornings. The Friday Workshops allow you to explore an area that you encounter in your main subject during your stay, or an area within another main subject.

The Friday Workshops contain Drawing as a continuous subject. You can also choose other subjects. The other subjects are chosen for short periods of 2 or 3 weeks, and are characterized by working in depth with a single area within auditive or visual disciplines. Examples of workshops could be Music History, Mixing for Nerds, Artist Books or Croquis.

Apply for fall semester 2021

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August 18 th 2021

Apply for spring semester 2022

Start date:

January 12th 2022

Engelsholm Højskole

Engelsholm is Denmark's most beautifully located folk high school and a unique place to work with ideas, experiments, a good melody, art and craftsmanship. The core DNA is working with creative subjects in art, music and design - and a classical education project. In Engelsholm you will find exeptional teaching, a strong community and a great basis for professional and personal development.

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